Micro Finance Loan

Microfinance is accessing both financial and non-financial services for both credit and deposits to people with micro, small and medium business, the saving modalities are through the group.


Photocopies of ID cards, List of group members and their contracts including physical address and their business activity, Group costitution signed by all the members group minutes Original/copy registation certificate from the ministry (where necessary).

Benefits & Features

» The loan is accessible to registered and non registered group
» Members access to individual loan
» The application process is short and simple
» Graduation for customers with clean repayment history
» Top up facility available
» No penalty for early repayment
» Free pre-and post registration training
» Flexible borrowing options
» Refinancing during the loan period is allowed

For further information kindly contact our Customer care representatives at any of our branches or e-mail us on info@fortune.co.ke