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Chief Executive Officer

The management of the SACCO is headed by the Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for providing overall leadership in the SACCO. The following managers work closely and report directly to the C.E.O; the Finance Manager, the ICT manager, the Branch Operations Manager, the Marketing Manager, the Human Resources and Administration Manager and the Internal Audit Manager.

Finance Manager

The office is responsible for all finance and accounting functions of the SACCO. The Finance Manager is assisted by a Finance Officer and an Accountant.

ICT Manager

The officer manages and administers the overall functions of the ICT Unit in the SACCO. It ensures the SACCO has up to date I.C.T systems necessary for efficient and effective operations. The officer is assisted by an ICT Officer and a Technical support officer.

Branch Operations Manager

This officer coordinates all the branch operations of the SACCO including savings and credit. The manager is assisted by:

» ABOM-Credit who is incharge of credit, and whose responsibility is to manage the growth and quality of the loans in the SACCO
» ABOM-Savings responsible for overall savings management function, savings mobilisation & overseeing backoffice branches operations
» The Debt Recovery Officer who manages the bad book to ensure optimal recovery of debts
» The Micro Finance Manager who is in charge of micro finance function in the Sacco
» The Branch Managers. These are responsible for the day to day running of the branch

Marketing Manager

The marketing department is responsible for promotion, product, market development, and market research in order to increase and maintain the desired market share.

Human Resource Manager

The officer takes care of all human resource and personnel matters for the SACCO employees. The role of the office is to identify, develop and provide a conducive work environment to facilitate optimum productivity of all SACCO employees. It is also charged with the responsibility of overseeing the overall administration fuctions as well management of Sacco transport fleet.

Internal Audit Manager

This officer carries out independent verification and assuarnce of activities, processes and practices that have been designed to improve the SACCO’s operations in governance, day to day operations, internal control systems and compliance to the laws and regulations.

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