How do I join Fortune Sacco and What are the requirements?
By visting any of our existing branches with your ID card,1 passport photo and Shs 200 /= for membership(2 shares@100/=) you can open an account and begin banking with us.

Who is eligible to join fortune sacco?
Any Kenyan can join us as an individual, Business, Investment group or as a company. 

Must I have a guarantor to get a loan?
Not neccesarily. You can provide collateral to cover for the loan. Among acceptable collateral include Title Deeds, Car Logbooks, Chartells etc.

Can you access all the services from any branch?
Yes, our branch is fully networked and integrated.

How long do I need to save in order to enjoy credit facilities offered by Fortune Sacco?
Consistent saving for a minimum of three(3) months qualifies for credit in the Society.

Can I apply for more than one loan?
A member can access any loan product as long as he/she qualifies for the product and has the ability to service the loan.

How safe are the members deposits held by the Sacco?
FOSA deposits are regulated and monitored by The Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) which operates in the same way as the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) with the commercial banks. The SACCO submits monthly reports and is audited regularly to ensure compliance and safety of member deposits. The Board and Management are Managing the Sacco as per the Co-operative societies ACT, Rules and Sacco by –Laws. The Sacco has implemented the use of Corporate Governance and Code of Ethics hence stability is guaranteed. The Sacco also holds AGM’S yearly where reports and accounts are presented to the members

What is a must have when applying for a loan?
Fully completed loan application form, Sufficient number of guarantors (depends on loan type), Employee pay slips (past 3 months), A copy of National ID, Proof of active membership for at least three months