CEO Message

YOUR SUCCESS, OUR SUCCESS – Your Success, is our way of life.

To the average person, success brings to mind wealth and good fortune. But what does it mean to Fortune Sacco? At Fortune Sacco we're deeply committed to helping our members thrive and prosper. We fulfill this commitment by providing our members with the best in financial products and services.

Take a look at how deeply committed Fortune Sacco is to providing and promoting guaranteed success to our members:-

Products - Our products are aimed at ensuring that our members from all generations (young and old), backgrounds (farmers, business, employees, pensioners) can benefit from the practice of good saving habits, guaranteeing growth from the smallest deposit to the largest investment and when the right time to borrow comes, can count on the most affordable loans in the market.

Encouraging the community to get into the habit of saving is an important part of FORTUNE SACCO message. Regular saving and sensible borrowing are key elements for a member when it comes to managing their money. At Fortune Sacco, you're not just a customer, you're a member of a successful financial institution that values you.

Rewards - We understand that our members need to be motivated in order to get into the habit of saving. Saving regularly gives a member financial security, independence, peace of mind and an attractive return on their savings. Regular saving with Fortune Sacco is an even better idea, with our tailor made products such as Jiinue Investment Account. Paying yourself first and putting money aside for special events, purchases, vacations or emergencies is important. We make it easy to save with Jiinue Investment account tailored to suit anyone's long and short term needs. We go out of our way to reward your savings habit with an attractive return on your deposits at 10% per annum.

Member Service - We believe the quality of our service delivery will make the difference between us and our competition and that extraordinary member service is the key to retaining members. At Fortune, we hold the opinions of every member in the highest regard. Our decisions are truly influenced by the wishes and needs of our members.

Therefore it is our intention to go the “extra mile” to provide prompt, thorough service and assistance to our members.

Peace of mind - We make sound investments to ensure the highest return on your shares and savings. We will strive to ensure the dividend payments to our members is maintained above 10% per annum.

For close to twenty years we have acquired knowledge and expertise that has enabled us to continuously seek and evaluate opportunities for growth and expansion, which are consistent with our goals for financial security, organizational stability, and quality service. Again, our high moral and ethical standards provide the foundation for sound operating decisions and member/owner trust. Therefore it is our intention to act in every transaction, inside and outside Fortune Sacco, in a way that is consistent with these standards.

Employees - Our employees are among our most valuable assets. Therefore it is our intention to hire exceptional employees and provide the best possible working environment for them including positive management-employee relationships, opportunities for professional growth, attractive employee benefits and a safe, pleasant working environment. We also seek to challenge our employees with goal-oriented objectives, continued training, and educational programs.

Relationship – Our relationship with our members is our ultimate objective – ‘Measuring Success One Member at a Time’. At Fortune Sacco, you're not just a customer, you're a member of a successful financial institution that values you.

Innovation - Find us on Facebook or access your cash with just a swipe of your ATM card. Deposit and withdraw your money while on the go with Mobile Banking. We endeavor to offer convenient services with adoption of new technologies.

Public Responsibility - We believe in the importance of being involved in civic, professional, educational, charitable, environmental, and cultural activities because we place value in reinvesting in the community we serve. Therefore it is our intention to commit necessary resources of time and effort to support community service. We will encourage all employees and volunteers to be personally involved in activities to support the communities we serve.